Cortina, Venice & White Puglia

Imagine a luxury journey through the jewels of Italy, between the relaxing coastal beauty of Amalfi, the timeless elegance of Venice, and the majestic enchantment of the Alps. Start among the turquoise waters and panoramic terraces of Amalfi, where the days are punctuated by the gentle rhythm of the sea. Continue to romantic Venice, with its historic palaces and gondolas plying the serene canals.

Finally, reach the towering Alps, where peaks touch the sky and mountains offer an exclusive Alpine experience. A luxury trip to three of Italy’s most striking destinations, where every moment is wrapped in timeless elegance.

DAY 01

Cortina d'Ampezzo

Arrive at Venice airport. The local assistant will meet you at Arrivals and will take care of your
transfer to Cortina D’Ampezzo.

After becoming acquainted with the spectacular landscape, meet the guide for a walking tour of
Cortina: the secrets of the clock in the town centre, the mysterious Sybils in a bank in the main street, the
charming house hosting Dante, Goethe and Shakespeare frescoes, the ancient traditions of the locals.

End with a superb glass of wine with view over the Alps in one of the most charming bars of the town!

Overnight at Grand Hotel Savoia, Grand Hotel Faloria or similar

DAY 02

Hike lake sorapis with exclusive picnic

Today it is time to breathe the Alps peaks at your own pace with one day hike. After meeting the
guide, private transfer to the departure point.

Walk to the enchanting Lake Sorapis, one of the most beautiful excursions in the Dolomites. The lake is
famous for its intense colour, in hues ranging from light blue to turquoise, created by the fine rock dust
brought down from the like-named glacier whose spring and summer meltwater gives rise to the lake.

Lunch will be served as an exclusive picnic experience in the middle of nature with view on the
impressive Dolomites peaks.

Overnight at Grand Hotel Savoia, Grand Hotel Faloria or similar

DAY 03

Ebike ride to Prato Piazza

Today you will experience the fascinating high peaks by riding the ebike to Prato Piazza. Following the ancient railway, now turned into a bike route, get to Cimabanche and its beautiful nearby Lake.
The view is gorgeous, riding along the valley with perfect meadows and the Dolomites rising on the sides.

Once arrived at Carbonin, the bike rout starts to ascend – until arriving at the famous Platzwiese/ Prato Piazza, which offers one of the most stunning views in the area! The Dolomite peaks, like the Cristallo over Cortina, appear so close and yet so massive from here. At the rifugio,hut, clients will
enjoy the lunch with traditional delicacies.

Overnight at Grand Hotel Savoia, Grand Hotel Faloria or similar

DAY 04

Venice, the Serenissima

After the check out, your driver will take you to one of your favourite destinations: Venice,
La Serenissima, where you will be happy to relax in the gentle lull of the waves.

You will enjoy a peaceful gondola ride while tasting a bottle of local superior Prosecco wine.

Overnight at Hotel Bauer, Ca’ Sagredo or similar

DAY 05

Rialto fish market & cooking class

This morning you’ll be curious and with your Venitian chef you will learn tips and stories about the ancient lively fish market of Rialto. Once you will have got all the ingredients, you will have the best fun ever preparing your genuine Venetian lunch.

Overnight at Hotel Bauer, Ca’ Sagredo or similar

DAY 06

Murano glass & Locanda Cipriani

TIt will be pleasant for a day to get away to the islands of the lagoon, to meet and talk with a local artisan expert on glassworks.

Get to the evocative Torcello, where you will be waited for lunch at iconic Locanda Cipriani.

Getting back to Venice, you may indulge a little bit in the visit of one of the small vineyards of Venice at Mazzorbo island.

Overnight at Hotel Bauer, Ca’ Sagredo or similar

DAY 07

White Puglia

Leave Venice for a new discovery: the white Puglia awaits for you.

After arriving at Bari airport, your guide will past olive trees fields among spectacular trulli houses, then you will get to your accommodation, an ancient farm called “masseria” where enjoying the new views at you own pace.

Overnight at Masseria Torre Coccaro, Il Melograno, Canne Bianche or similar

DAY 08

Ebike ride in Itria valley & olive oil farm

Ride your ebike with your guide and discover : Alberobello, certainly the best-known village in the
region and a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its rather original habitats: trulli, small houses with a circular base and conical roof. There are hundreds in Alberobello.
Walk around the village at random to take a closer look. Most are now converted into hotels, souvenir shops and cafes, but you will also visit a second part where local people still live inside.

We continue to Locorotondo: one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, it has a charming historic
centre where you can see the Cummers. With their steep roofs with flat tiles, these rectangular
houses are typical of Locorotondo.

During the visits, stop in a farm for a lunch composed of genuine products: olive oil, local cheese
burrata, superb red wine, famous pasta “orecchiette”.

Overnight at Masseria Torre Coccaro, Il Melograno, Canne Bianche or similar

DAY 09

Monopoli & Ostuni

Morning visit to Monopoli, where the historic centre that is worth seeing. It is very pleasant to walk there to admire the emblematic monuments such as Charles V Castle, Piazza XX Settembre and the Cathedral.

In the afternoon visit Ostuni, located on a promontory : with its houses with whitewashed facades,
it is visible from afar! We understand immediately why Ostuni is nicknamed the “Citta Bianca”, the white city, with the cathedral of Ostuni and the episcopal palace. The goal here is to bring a little light in the narrow streets. Get to the church Sainte-Marie, the place allows to admire a very beautiful panorama on all the valley of Itria and the surrounding countryside.

Time permitting, explore Martina Franca, another unforgettable white town with baroque palaces.

Overnight at Masseria Torre Coccaro, Il Melograno, Canne Bianche or similar

DAY 10


Drive to Lecce, the baroque city of Italy, with a multitude of historical monuments to see. The city is in addition super harmonious thanks to the use of the stone of Lecce, a very soft limestone, for the construction of all the buildings. While visiting Piazza Sant Oronzo, the Roman amphitheatre, Piazza del Duomo, the cathedral, the campanile, have also a few tastings of local food together with a glass of red wine “primitive”.

Overnight at Masseria Torre Coccaro, Il Melograno, Canne Bianche or similar

DAY 11

Matera & Altamura

Depart for Matera, world renowned for its Sassi of cave dwellings dug into the rock that the first inhabitants date back to Paléothique! Since that time, homes have certainly evolved but have always been occupied. Some of its caves were even turned into rock churches by monks who took refuge there. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the site has nearly 3,000 caves and churches.

On the way, stop in Altamura, village famous as the ‘city of bread’ and its bread making traditions and reputation has existed for centuries. In 37 BC Horace told travellers that it is “far the best bread to be had” and advised travellers to stock up before they leave. Modern day travellers would be well advised
to do the same. The bread is so good, along with the focaccia, mozzarella and a local mushroom, that Altamura’s McDonalds restaurant was forced to close after just two years – unable to compete with the
local foods!

Overnight at Masseria Torre Coccaro, Il Melograno, Canne Bianche or similar

DAY 12

The time has come to say goodbye!

It’s time to say goodbye….

After checking out, your driver will take you to the airport.

It will be time to catch your return flight and start planning your next trip to Italy!

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