12 days of luxury

Tuscany, Venice & Alps

In a journey of enchanting luxury, three pearls of Italy are revealed like pages in a love book. In Tuscany, Florence welcomes with the warmth of art and the Accademia Gallery whispers secrets of masterpieces. Divine tastes intertwine: pasta wrapped in the embrace of fine wines. In Maranello, the heart throbs to the rhythm of engines, a shared dream. Venice, city of love, unveils the Doge’s Palace, backdrop of eternal promises. Locanda Cipriani becomes the setting for romantic dinners. In the lagoon, bicycles for two create intimate memories.

And in the Dolomites, Lake Sorapis reflects unspoiled love, traditional tastes nourish the soul, while the wind accompanies a pedal ride hand in hand. A journey suspended in time, among art, tastes and passions, written by the stars for lovers.

Day 01


Arrive in Florence, cradle of the Renaissance. Your local assistant will welcome you and take care of your transfer to the hotel.

Afternoon, after relaxing at your own pace, meet the local guide and enjoy a gourmet walking tour, trying the many tasty specialties of the city, moving from selected cured meats and cheeses, to different types of pasta, strictly kneaded by hand.

Also different sorts of plant-based dishes, which became internationally famous for their rustic taste,
such as the pappa al pomodoro and the ribollita.

Night at Gallery Hotel Art, Hotel Brunelleschi or similar

Day 02

Galleria dell'Accademia

This morning, your guide will take you to learn about the David at the Accademia Gallery, Michelangelo’s original masterpiece. As you enter this Florentine gallery, you will also encounter an array of sculptures and paintings by other Renaissance luminaries.

The meticulously curated collection offers a fascinating journey through time, immersing you in the genius of artists such as Botticelli and Ghirlandaio.

Every stroke and chisel mark reveals the essence of Renaissance art, making the visit a profound encounter with creativity, history, and the enduring beauty of human expression.

Day 03

Cooking Class

Today learn how to make homemade pasta successfully. If you have flour and water you can make pasta and you will learn the secrets of making tortelli, ravioli, fettuccine in different shapes.

Cook the pasta you have prepared with 3 different sauces and your meal will be ready.

Night at Gallery Hotel Art, Hotel Brunelleschi or similar

Day 04

Tuscany countryside

This day your driver will take you to Tuscany and at your own pace you will visit the local villages, such as Greve, Panzano, Monteriggioni… indulging in wine tastings by family wineries, savouring local cheese, salami, olive oil.

Night at Gallery Hotel Art, Hotel Brunelleschi or similar

Day 05

Maranello, Ferrara e Venice

Move to Venice, called The Serenissima.

On the way, a detour for lunch at the new Francesco Bottura’s restaurant Cavallino Rosso in Maranello will be a nice way to experience the region. If high speeds are of your interest, you will have the time to visit the Ferrari Museum, or you might stop in the charming Renaissance town Ferrara, dominated by its elegant castle.

Venice will welcome you at the end of the day.

Night at Hotel Bauer, Ca’ Sagredo, or similar

Day 06

Doge Palace

Morning visit the hall of power: the Doge Palace, immerse yourself in the medieval/Renaissance Europe among the stuccoed halls and hundreds of masterpieces. You will be amazed by the richness of detail of the Golden Staircase, reliving the anguish of prisoners crossing the famous Bridge of Sighs and entering the Venetian prison in which you will see how the prisoners of the Most Serene Republic lived.

The second part of the visit will take you through an exclusive, darker side of Venice. You’ll see the hidden torture chambers and even Casanova’s jail cell, rooms which are not open to the public. After this full immersion you will be ready to enjoy the lunch in a nice osteria with amazing view.

Night at Hotel Bauer, Ca’ Sagredo, or similar

Day 07

Venice Lagoon

Get on board on a “motoscafo” the venetian boat and together with the guide get to the silent lagoon island of Mazzorbo, where you will taste the wines produced with the limited number of vineyards still active in Venice island.

Enjoy the lunch at the iconic Locanda Cipriani, and in the afternoon choose among the visit to an artistic glass producer and an unusual walk at Sant’Erasmo island where the best local vegetables are grown for the Venitian restaurants.

Night at Hotel Bauer, Ca’ Sagredo, or similar

Day 08

Unusual Venice bike tour

Discover Lido di Venezia by bike, the strip of land facing Venice famous for the film festival, rich of nice corners. From the ancient Jewish cemetery to the liberty district, the picturesque ancient village of Malamocco with is unique views over the lagoon, experience a part of Venice remaining in your mind forever.

Night at Hotel Bauer, Ca’ Sagredo, or similar

Day 09

Alps e Dolomities

Move to Cortina D’ampezzo, the pearl of Dolomites Alps.

After becoming acquainted with the spectacular landscape, meet the guide for a walking tour of Cortina: the secrets of the clock in the town centre, the mysterious Sybils in a bank in the main street, the charming house hosting Dante, Goethe and Shakespeare frescoes, the ancient traditions of the locals.

End with a superb glass of wine with view over the Alps in one of the most charming bars of the town!

Overnight at Grand Hotel Savoia, Hotel Rosa Petra or similar

Day 10

Hike Lake Sorapis with exclusive picnic

Today it is time to breathe the Alps peaks at your own pace with one day hike. After meeting the
guide, private transfer to the departure point.

Walk to the enchanting Lake Sorapis, one of the most beautiful excursions in the Dolomites. The lake is famous for its intense colour, in hues ranging from light blue to turquoise, created by the fine rock dust brought down from the like-named glacier whose spring and summer meltwater gives rise to the lake.

Lunch will be served as an exclusive picnic experience in the middle of nature with view on the
impressive Dolomites peaks.

Overnight at Grand Hotel Savoia, Hotel Rosa Petra or similar

Day 11

Ebike ride to Prato Piazza

Today you will experience the fascinating high peaks by riding the ebike to Prato Piazza. Following the ancient railway, now turned into a bike route, get to Cimabanche and its beautiful nearby Lake. The view is gorgeous, riding along the valley with perfect meadows and the Dolomites rising on the sides.

Once arrived at Carbonin, the bike rout starts to ascend – until arriving at the famous Platzwiese/ Prato Piazza, which offers one of the most stunning views in the area! The Dolomite peaks, like the Cristallo over Cortina, appear so close and yet so massive from here. At the rifugio,hut, clients will enjoy the lunch with traditional delicacies.

Overnight at Grand Hotel Savoia, Hotel Rosa Petra or similar

Day 12

È ora di salutarci!

It’s time to say goodbye…

After checking out, your driver will take you the airport

It will be time to take the flight back home and starting
planning your next trip to Italy!

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