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Land of Authentic Emotions

Welcome to the beating heart of Veneto, a region that enraptures the senses and nourishes the soul with authentic emotions. Here, the unspoilt beauty of nature blends with art, culture and unique gastronomic products, providing unforgettable experiences.

A profound and immersive experience that will remain engraved in your heart forever.

In this corner of paradise, emotions mingle like the colours of an impressionist painting, creating a picture of joy, serenity and wonder. It is here that the soul is regenerated, that smiles multiply and that time seems to slow down to allow you to savour every single moment.


Made up of a small archipelago of 7 islets very close to Venice, it iis famous all over the world for its glass processing with furnaces that are still in operation. Inhabited in ancient times due to its proximity to the important Roman port of Altino, it became particularly important from 1295 when all Venetian glassmaking activities were concentrated on this island. The skill and mastery of the glass masters became a true art with various applications still in use today. One of them in particular, the Art of Venetian Glass Beads, has been a UNESCO Cultural Heritage Site since 2020.


A city with over 3,000 years of history, it boasts globally recognised landmarks such as the prestigious University founded in 1222, the revered Sanctuary of St. Anthony, the Prato della Valle one of the largest squares in Europe, and two inscriptions on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

From 1997 with the world’s oldest Botanical Garden still in its original location, and from July 2021 for the priceless 14th century painting cycles in 8 buildings including the precious Scrovegni Chapel frescoed by Giotto.

The Excellence of Padua

100% natural marmalades

  • Processing method
  • Individual Quick Freezing with abatement at -40°
  • Vacuum short cooking at 60°
  • 100% natural product
  • The package contains 10 compotes of different flavours

Colle Santa Lucia

The small village is located within the Natural Park of the Dolomites, considered among the most beautiful mountains in the world, which owe their name to the presence of the mineral dolomite that gives the rocky spires of the landscape a mother-of-pearl sheen.

Due to their special geological importance, unique landscape and cultural heritage, these mountains have been a UNESCO Natural Heritage Site since 2009.

The Excellence of the Dolomites

Dolomite Honey

This genuine honey is produced by bees in the wonderful National Parks of the Belluno and Ampezzo Dolomites

  • Short and controlled supply chain
  • Handicraft production
  • In the package: 1 Dolomites rhododendron honey – 1 Dolomites wildflower honey


Bardolino is an enchanting place of Lombard origin located on the Veneto shore of Lake Garda at the foot of the moreniche hills of the Riviera degli Ulivi, where a mild Mediterranean climate favours the cultivation of vines and olive trees.

Olive oil, the main ingredient of the Mediterranean Diet recognised as a UNESCO Cultural Heritage in 2010, is extracted from those olive trees.

Excellence from Lake Garda

Extra virgin olive oil

  • It is ‘extra virgin’ because it is of superior quality, obtained exclusively by mechanical means from the cold pressing of the best, freshly-picked olives. Dense, enveloping, slightly spicy oil with aromatic nuances reminiscent of the smell of ripe fruit.
  • With a distinctive flavour, it is suitable for use as a raw or cooked ingredient with meat, fish, vegetables and even with some desserts.
  • It is the ingredient that will give your recipes that unmistakable and original Italian flavour.


Negrar is located in Valpolicella, a town just a few kilometres from the city of Juliet, historic Verona, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2000. The particular geological composition and the favourable climate due to the proximity of Lake Garda and the protection of the Lessini Mountains favour the cultivation of vines, which is the reason why this valley has been known since Roman times for the production of high quality wines, today appreciated worldwide.

Excellence from Valpolicella

Amarone della Valpolicella D.O.C.G. Classico 2015

  • It is a particularly fine red wine produced in a small, characteristic hilly area not far from Lake Garda
  • The slow maturation of the wine is done in precious oak barrels
  • It is a wine with the Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita (Controlled and Guaranteed Designation of Origin), therefore subject to strict regulations governing both grape processing and bottling materials.
  • It is a prestigious ‘dry’ passito, excellent to accompany the succulent meat dishes of your special occasions


Over the centuries, the hand of man has skilfully modelled this rugged natural environment characterised by steeply sloping hills, alternating between the cultivation of vines on the ridges, forests and small villages, giving the environment a unique and distinctive beauty. To preserve this ‘cultural landscape’, from 2019 the Prosecco Hills of Conegliano-Valdobbiadene are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Valdobbiadene prosecco superiore D.O.C.G.

  • It is a sparkling white wine produced in a small but specific hilly area in northern Italy, famous the world over for its uniqueness and original scenic beauty
  • It is a wine with the Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita (Denomination of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin), therefore subject to strict regulations governing both grape processing and bottling materials

The Excellent Bubbles of Valdobbiadene

Arquà Petrarca

The settlement of Arquà boasts very ancient origins, prehistoric artefacts have been found in the area dating back both to before 1000 B.C. and to the Ancient Venetians, and under the Roman emperor Augustus it was part of the Regio X. Around 1370, the poet Francesco Petrarca spent the last years of his life here. Tradition has it that he came across the village during a curative stay at the nearby ancient thermal baths of Abano and was struck by its similarity to the hills of his native Tuscany. Documents of the time describe the surrounding area as follows: ‘vast forests of chestnut, walnut, beech, ash and oak trees covered the slopes of Arquà, but it was above all vines, olive and almond trees that contributed to creating the picturesque and typical landscape’. The cultivation of vines, which is still very much present today, is also characterised by an ancient indigenous grape variety, ‘Il Friularo’, which has a synonym in the Veneto region of Piave, ‘il Raboso’.

The Excellent Bubbles
of Arquà Petrarca

Spumante Rosè extra brut

  • A quality, classic method Rosè sparkling wine produced by Azienda Agricola Vignalta
  • It is obtained from Friularo grapes, an indigenous grape variety of the Venetian countryside with a certain presence in the vineyards of the area between Monselice and Bagnoli for at least 400 years.
  • This variety is at its best in flatter areas where its pleasant acidity and aromatic fragrance ripen

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